Hope, I have found you at last!

There once was a seed that lived for a long time just being a seed. It knew no other way of being, no other way doing, no other way of experiencing, just a seed never changing. It had many things done to it, many insults to its existence as a seed. The seed was unaware of living any other way. The seed was not alone, as it was amongst many other seeds. They were placed in confined spaces with just enough resources to survive as the seeds they were. The seeds were all bounced around from one confinement to another…packaged, boxed. Not going forward or backwards in life as there didn’t seem to be any other way of living; after all, being a seed is all they knew.

Then one day the seeds were thrown into the dirt. Fear and confusion reigned. This was something new…tragically new. In the dirt the seeds struggled mightily. They had been cast out from the rest of the seeds. Some of them wondered if something was wrong with them. Were they defective, broken, not worthy of being with the other seeds. Being in the dirt became very lonely, isolating…suffocating. Hopelessness settled in. In this desolate state of fear and darkness, many of the seeds would not survive. This would be the end of their story.

But there was this one seed that decided not to quit, not to give up, that its’ story wasn’t finished. It did not know why it had this vital longing to live. There seem to be no consolation or purpose for its existence; after all, it was covered with the manure of this world and living in complete darkness. What was the point of going on. And yet, in the depths of this abyss, the despair of the will and the heart wanting its’ story not to end here, not to end this way, embraced the suffocating isolation. The embrace was scary, tragic, but it was an intimate loving embrace nonetheless.

And here in the depths of the abyss the shell of the seed cracked, and its insides fell out, and became exposed, sensitive, raw, vulnerable to all that was around. The seed made a choice to see where this would take it; after all, could it be as terrible as the suffocating manure of darkness that it was in? Somehow in this dark place the seed began receiving nourishment. Someone had given the seed something to help. It was nourishing, yet uncomfortable, as the seed struggled to understand what the nourishment meant, how to use it, how to internalize it, how to truly believe the nourishment would help. The seed decided to accept the nourishment anyways, uncomfortable and painful as it was. The seed continued accepting the nourishment, wrapping its mind around the meaning of the nourishment, and as it did, the darkness began to fade.

The seed was changing, it was feeling different, thinking different, the seed was growing. There was light, it wasn’t much, but it was light nonetheless, and it warmed the seed, and it felt good. The seed began to believe that the nourishment was changing its’ life, one small step at a time, one moment at a time. The seed finally fully engaged with the nourishment and broke threw the manure and into the light above. The seed wondered if this was the same world It came from. The world looks so different. It feels different. It’s so beautiful and extraordinary.

As the seed continued to grow and reach for the stars, a wellspring of hope began to consume its very being. The seed then realized it was no longer a seed. The seed had begun realizing its true nature. That it was no less a part of this grand story than the trees or the stars. It was an equal part of the Universe, a conscience part of the Universe. It was as if it was a conscience expression of the Universe learning about itself. “How utterly amazing I am,” it said. This new conscience expression of the Universe now had courage and decided it would help the Universe create this grand story. It knew it was a part of a whole, with an equal right to create the story…especially its own story. It decided to courageously go through the doors that opened and see what’s on the other side.

 As it went through the open doors, this amazing expression of the Universe found seeds covered in manure in that lonely dark place it used to be in. The expression began to nourish the seeds. The seeds began to grow. This once seed now amazing conscience expression of the Universe had found the courage to dare greatly and began creating its own story.

 I used to be a seed, now I feel joy, peace, happiness, serenity, purpose, and I feel love. Not only do I feel love, but I am loved, and I have learned to love…unconditionally. Because each and every one of you are a child of this Universe, no less than the trees and the stars just like me, you too can create you own story in the warm embrace of this thing we call life.

                                                                                               Darryl Lambert~


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Darryl Lambert

What a wonderful thought it is, that some of the best days of our lives have yet to happen! From complete hopelessness and despair, to a life of hope, happiness, and living well. A purpose-driven life of helping others to find hope. That's all you really need to know about me.